Wedding Dance Lessons


In the good old days most brides and grooms -to-be knew how to ballroom and swing dance by the time they got out of high school or college. Back then the wedding reception first dance was a natural and very romantic event couples were prepared for.Today however not many couples know how
to dance the classic ballroom partner dances and surving the first dance is not the natural event it used to be.

Alas the art and joy of partner dancing is being revived. Thanks to Gap TV comercials that feature couples swing dancing and many public TV stations showing Ballroom dance competitions , wedding couples are going retro and choosing to do ballroom dances for their first dance. Ballroom
is a general term that covers the old clasic dances like Waltz, Fox Trot and Tango, but also includes the Swing and Latin dances like Mambo, Salsa and Cha Cha Cha.

If you want to be hep and do and really dance one of the balroom dances the first thing you need to do is pick a song.
For couples who want to dance what I describe as the "Penguin Waddle" choosing the right song is a no- brainer because they just pick a romantic song they associate with their meeting or relationship. But for couples who want to actually dance,it isn't so easy. Many of the popular songs heard on the radio too long or not the right tempo for
dancing a first dance.If you want a good dance song try selecting from the many Big Band tunes, for example Frank Sanatry songs like "It Had To Be You," "Fly Me To The
Moon," or "The Way You Look Tonight". Even a cool Barry White song like "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love". These songs have a good dance tempo. If you use songs with these tempos you can do a fox trot, swing or both for your first dance. For a popular romantic Waltz try Ann Murray's "Could I Have This Dance" (for the rest of my life). If your still in doubt about picking a song, ask your dance instructor.

Yes, I said dance instructor. Unless you were born knowing how to do these dances and how to lead or follow them, you will need to learn to dance. Most woman like the idea of taking dance lessons and think of them as a fun filled bonding experience. Most men however initially think of taking dance lessons on a par with going to the dentist. That is untill they discover that the dance floor is one of the very few places that a woman will smile and willingly follow to his every command...its called leading. Ladies once he realizes how much you enjoy it, and he feels in control, you will have no problem with him on the dance floor. Just get him to agree to take the first lesson, and your dance instructor will take it from there.

If there is a dance studio in yourarea and your can afford the cost , ($45-$75 for private lessons), this is the best and fastest way tolearn. Whether you decide to do a free style or full dnace routine to your song, you will learn more and appreciate the individual attention only a live professional instructor can give you. Most couples take an average of ten private lessons to learn and master a full first dance routine. However the time can be shortened if you regurally practice your dance at least twice a week. If your find it difficult to practice at home most dance studios will allow you to
practice either before or after your dance lessons. If private dance lessons are to much of a strain on your time or bufget, Video dance instruction is the next best thing. however its best to pick a video that specializes in teaching wedding couples. Here too practice is very important as well as giving yourself enough time before your wedding to learn and perfect your dancing.

Below are five most important survival pointers to help you survive your first dance and dance happily ever after.

1. Select A Song - Pick a romantic first dance song with a good dance beat throughout the song.Also practice with other songs with a simular tempo. If your band is playing your first dance song be sure they play it at the tempo you have practiced (on the CD).

2. Dance Lessons- Start your Private or Video lessons at least three month before your wedding if possible. Learning to dance can be a funfilled bonding experience if you don't make it stressful by trying to learn too fast . 

3. Practice - To look and feel good when all eyes are upon you on that special night it is important to devote enough time and effort to practice your dance. If it feels uncomfortable or machanical it usually means you have not practiced enough . Your goal is to dance as perfect partners at your wedding and forever after.

4. Lead/Follow - Dancing promotes communication and co-operation and togeathernes. If you learn to Dance well togeather your will increases your chances of enjoying each others specialness on the dance floor and off.